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Naufal Samrath, Digital Marketing Consultant in Kasaragod.

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I am a Digital Marketing Consultant working across Kasaragod and Mangalore. I am a Business graduate from SDM College, Mangalore who specialized in digital marketing. Making your product stand out online is what I do. I bring my knowledge in economics, psychology, analytics, technology and a lot of creativity to tailor your brand strategy.

Apart from this, I cultivate a learner’s mindset, and I believe in upskilling myself constantly. I am also a football fanatic, spending most of my free time on it. In the evening, I play football to keep my body moving.

Working as a Digital Marketer for my favorite Football Club is my ultimate goal.



My Digital Marketing Services

Web Development services in Kasaragod

Web Development

I can help create your website in the digital world. Make your name only yours by hosting your domain.

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Research and study the market to find the right customers for your products and proposing ideal solutions.

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Design & Writing

Designing your landing pages, posters also write creative contents according to your needs.

Reporting & Analytics

Thorough knowledge of using Google Analytics, Semrush, Adobe and Web analytics.

Providing digital ad services in Kasaragod

Google & Meta Ads

Performance marketing in Google Adsense and can also run ads on Meta or other platforms where your products will standout.

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I can help you rank your sites to the top of the search engine result page, using the most efficient keywords and SEM for faster results.

Commonly Asked Questions

What are the services you provide as a Digital Marketing Consultant ?

As a full-fledged Digital Marketer, I can help to increase your overall brand presence. Create a landing page and website, run paid ads on Meta and Google. Do SEO and SEM to rank your page on the Google results page and analyse performance.

What are the services you provide as a Digital Marketer ?

I have 5 months of experience as a Digital Marketing Consultant, working for small businesses across Kasaragod and Mangalore and also working as an intern in a marketing agency in Calicut. I can tailor marketing strategies according to your product needs to generate revenue.

How can I contact you ?

You can contact me on Linkedin, Instagram, or directly e-mail me. The link is at the bottom of the page in the footer section. I am ready to provide Digital Marketing freelance services for those who needs my services.


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 High-Fives From Fellow Digital Marketers

Muhammed Fayis

Freelance Digital Marketing Expert in Malappuram

“I have worked with him when in Calicut. He is one of the leading Digital Marketing Consultants in Kasaragod.”

Muhsina Thengilan

Social Media Strategist in Malappuram.

“If you are looking for someone to help you grow your business, I strongly recommend this man. One of the best if not the best Digital Marketer in Kasaragod.”